Feeling Overwhelmed

Welcome to another day in the life of Evelyn James:

It has been quite the rollercoaster ride here these past few weeks. I wake up every day with a long list of things I plan to do. I purposefully keep a long list of assorted things because that way I can skip ones that I am not in the mood for doing, and add them to another day. I am starting this day slightly off in my mood, so I may need to reconsider decaf coffee, especially while things are in disarray.

I woke up this morning wondering if I was a person with the glass half full or half empty mentality. I can’t decide. So, with a glass half full I am thinking that means I look at things with a more positive approach. Half full means I have plenty to drink in my glass and perhaps that puts my mind at ease and the world is my oyster so to speak. However, if my glass is half empty I don’t know…half empty means my beverage is almost gone…is there more? Do I worry about drinking my half empty glass of something or another and risk not getting anymore? What if I am thirsty? Whereas if I have a glass half full why should I worry …there’s plenty to drink.

I think my glass (aka my mindset) is generally operating half full. I have so much going on that I feel negative but everything will pass and things will get back to normal.

As my mind rambles this morning with many thoughts and too much caffeine, I wonder if you ever ponder on how full or empty your “glass” is…and while I always thought it had to be one or the other I am thinking it could go either way depending on what’s going on in your day, in your life.

I would love to hear if you are a “glass half emty” or “glass half full” kind of person. Share your comments with me or send me your thoughts.

Evelyn James,

Contributing Author Sunshine and Lollipogs, Smiles and Good Cheer

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Smiles and Good CheerAmbassador Club

Sunshine and Lollipogs invite you to sign up for our free club promoting kindness to others.

Sign Up Form. In the “Message Section” tell us about what you do in your community to spread smiles and good cheer. Also, let us know where you are representing us as a Smiles and Good Cheer Ambassador. All ages welcome, family friendly.

Each month, we ask,that you share with us what you are doing in your local community. Photos of your projects, activities, and events are greatly welcome and encouraged.

You will receive a Sunshine and Lollipogs Welcome Packet once you sign up.

Smiles To You,

Sun and Lolli Ambassador Club

Sunshine and Lollipogs is a Christian based group of individuals, families, and community organizations coming together to share the joys of giving time, talent, care, and compassion for others.


Extra Vases On Hand?

Old vases around the house could be turned into a gift to someone in need of happy thoughts

Summer time is here so that may mean a little bit of extra time around the house…perhaps a “staycation” has gotten you in the mood to do a little clutter cleanup.

If you are at home with the kids for a fun filled summer break, this project idea could also be a perfect way to spend a few hours.

The easy and least expensive way to do this project is collect all those flower vases you may have been holding on to over the years. Don’t be shy about asking friends and family to check their home for vases that can be repurposed for this project.

Of course, you can always purchase a vase or mason jars…spend as little or as much as you want. That is my favorite way of doing projects. If using ones from home, clean them out to look like new (if needed).

Next, we are going to fill a vase with flowers. You can pick flowers from the yard or buy some for this project. For the extra crafty ones reading this, you can even make them from paper, crochet…let your crafty imagination take over on this idea.

Once you have a vase and flowers, you can embellish your vase with ribbons or brown string tied in a bow. You can also add a home-made or purchased card to add to the vase for giving.

The next step is to gift your vase creation. Think of a person you know who may be in need of your special gift. Perhaps a neighbor, friend, or family member could really use a smile, and YOU can make their day a bit better by dropping off a handmade, heartfelt gift. Give it a try and enjoy the warm and fuzzies you will feel for your kind efforts.

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

Another way you can gift your flower vase creation is to nursing homes, hospice centers, or hospitals. There are so many wonderful people out there that have no family around. Just pick up the phone and start calling for information on patients in need of a little joy and deliver your projects, maybe even make a new friend..

Photo by Luizmedeirosph on

We would love to hear from you. Let us know how this project idea worked in your household.

Smiles and Good Cheer,

Sun and Lolli


Today Is A Great Day To Spread Some Cheer

June 2019 Summer Spreading Smiles & Good Cheer Opportunity

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

This is a great picture to use for our summer Cheer Opportunity. The photo is fun because you can use your imagination to tell a story of what YOU see. I see a bunch of people in a park-like setting enjoying the company of another. From the moment I saw this photo, the elderly lady on the walk path all by herself became the motivation behind this Cheer Opportunity.

Our “Cheer Opportunity” for the month of June is dedicated to the elderly men and women in nursing homes, care centers, maybe even next door to you. The ones who have been forgotten by their families, or sadly, have no family or friends. I would even include empty nesters who may have recently lost their spouse and have no loved ones looking in on them.

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving;
but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

It is amazing to me how many people don’t have friends or loved ones to check on them, call every now and again, send a letter, or sit for a while and visit face to face. I learned first hand of this when I was staying with a family member in hospice. During my one week stay, there were a couple of patients who wailed constantly and called out for anyone to come into their rooms. The hospice nurses told me they saw this all the time, and they could not believe families would stick their loved ones in care centers to spend their last days-afraid, very ill, and alone. I will never forget the sound of fear and loneliness from these hospice patients who just needed a hand to hold, lots of prayers, and a loving voice to calm their fears. Oh my, it just brings tears to my eyes.

Reflecting On The Memories Of Losing A Loved One In Hospice…

I myself wonder sometimes how it will be as the years go by. As an empty nester for 10 years or so, and happily married to my high school sweetheart of 40 years, we have seen loneliness from a family perspective. Our family is broken, one side all deceased, the other side not speaking (ouch); and the elusive solo child, grown up, distant, distracted with life. I already feel alone and don’t see a change coming as years go by. However, not to be a soggy blanket…this feeling inspires and motivates me to share smiles and cheer with elderly citizens in the community.

Your “Cheer Opportunity” Starts Today! Here’s How YOU Can Spread Smiles and Good Cheer…

Contact local nursing homes and hospice facilities in your area and let them know you would like to visit the elderly tenants or patients, especially ones with no loved ones. If you are bringing things to hand out, make sure your facility approves, especially if your donations involve scented items or allergy sensitive foods, flowers, and plants.

Remember to “keep it simple.” You don’t have to spend a dime, just enjoy spending your time.

Consider leaving a picture card of yourself with a happy note so the elderly persons you visit can remember you and smile knowing you came to visit.

Hopefully, you will make new friends and keep the chain of spreading smiles and good cheer going throughout the year!

Wishing you all a sunny day filled with smiles, happy hearts, and inspiration to join us on our June journey.


Sunshine&Lollipogs Contributor

Veterans Support · Volunteer · Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Goal

F39CEEF9-00A1-4664-95A3-A5BB91058103Hooray!  We made our one day wreath goal of ten wreaths sponsored!  Thank you very much for your interest in this wonderful program created to remember the fallen, honor those who serve, and teach our children the value of freedom!

You are invited to attend the annual wreath laying ceremonies held across the US and overseas. It is FREE!   Our group location is Dallas Ft.Worth National Military Cemetery, but you can attend any ceremony and help lay wreaths.  Visit the website for Wreaths Across America to see all locations.

Wreaths Across America


Versatile Good Cheer Pouch

Good Cheer Pouch Gift For Any Reason

We have been whipping these up like crazy. They can also be completed and made into our “Blessings Pillow” currently available in light blue tones with a white satin ribbon cross in the middle (pictured below).

Blessings Pillow

We thought we would try something new with the yellow colored creations and stuff them with a note, and a theme for the giving (sweet treats, personal hygiene, stationary, hand cream or other beauty aids, etc.) All great choices, just pick your theme and fill them with goodies then deliver to the community nursing home, neighbor, friend, anyone needing a lift in their day🥰.

Lolli was thinking about using a Mason Jar craft idea from Pinterest called “ A Survival Kit For Life. “ We need to alter the idea for the pouch bag (Original craft idea on our Pinterest site “Smiles And Good Cheer” —or just go to our website and find the Pinterest icon:

Here is how we will alter the original Mason Jar craft to suit our needs for the Good Cheer pouches:

A Pen “to remind you to leave your mark; a Penny, “to remind you -you are valuable; Star Confetti “to remind you to shine;” Pom-Pom’s -“to remind you people are cheering you on; Smarties candy “to remind you that you are smart;” an Eraser “to remind you that it’s ok to make mistakes;” Bubble Gum “to remind you to stick with it;” Balloons “to remind you to reach for the sky;” and Tootsie Rolls “to help you roll into the next adventure.”

Sun and I can’t wait to stuff our yellow crochet pouches with these items and a note with the above information. We will post a pic and show you how they look, even though the original Mason Jar craft found on Pinterest was adorable (it is cheaper to crochet the pouches if you are on a budget).

Thinking of others,

Sun and Lolli