Family Togetherness

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Good day everyone. It is so nice to be writing on our blog site today. How is everyone doing? We do hope that your days are good and your health is good. Our family is good. Both husband and daughter are considered “essential” so they brave the days doing their important jobs on the frontlines.

I have been doing many things…not one of them involve leaving the house in my car. Shopping online for necessary things, cleaning every nook and cranny in our home, working on my community service projects…it has been non stop activity for me.

One of the things I thought about today was crochet time with my daughter. She actually lives in another town, but she is an avid, detail oriented crochet gal…and I am a regular, safe stitches in my comfort zone, kind of mom crocheter.

I ordered some yarn and it will arrive this week. What I am doing is making some pouches to give out. These pouches will include notes and things I know will bring a smile to someone’s face when they receive it.

Photo By Sunshine and Lollipogs “Kindness Pouch”

This is our “Blessings Pillow” which also makes a great gift to brighten someone’s day. We have made these with the Star of David ribbon insert as well.

My daughter is working on heart chains which have unlimited uses for handing out to spread smiles and good cheer. She also is fascinated with doilies as gifts.

Photo Courtesy Of Sunshine and Lollipogs

Photo Courtesy of Sunshine and Lollipogs

I love it when my daughter and I can share hobbies together. She teaches ME so much, and that makes these days go by quickly and happily.

Do you have any special times with your children you would like to share? Crafting, Sports, Games, etc….Share with us in the comments.

Have a great week spreading smiles and good cheer to everyone you know.

Blessings to you,

Sun (founder of Sunshine and Lollipogs)

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