I Am A Lucky Lady

Life Is Good

Today it is raining, the WiFi is crawling, news is depressing. Grocery stores with empty shelves…can’t find bath tissue, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, limited or no meat, milk, bread…..yikes!

Yet, amid all the chaos in our country as we all go through the Corona Virus 2020 Chronicles I feel like I am such a lucky lady.

I have a roof over my head, running water, electricity, food in the pantry, and good health. I also have a dog and cat napping peacefully beside me while the rain storm makes noise outdoors. Most importantly I have a super husband who works so hard for our family, and a precious daughter who keeps me in stitches with her event filled life.

As the weekend approaches, I have created a list of things I am going to have time to do because of the home bound status. Here are a few of them I will share with you in case you need some ideas:

Photo Organization (digital and hard copies have gotten out of control, so I will go through the digitals and delete unwanted or no longer needed ones. The hard copies are going into new albums as Chapter Books of our lives. Each year of marriage will be a photo album with photos taken in that year).

Closets: We moved recently and I put a bunch of clothes in a closet to deal with later….Great time to go through those to donate or keep.

Garage: Needs a good sweep and Bug spray for upcoming spider season.

Kitchen Cabinets: reorganize cabinets that aren’t flowing right with usage.

I think that list will ensure no boredom around here. I wonder if you have ideas to share. What kind of activities are you working on while working from home, or busy with kids not in school? Share them in our comments section.πŸ€—πŸ™ƒ

Until next time,

Sun (Founder of Sun and Lolli Creations)

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