Look At Us Grow

Hello everyone!

Sun and I can’t believe it is already mid March. What a busy beginning of 2020 we have been enjoying.

We made a poster to highlight what we do. The short and easy way to describe us is by referring to our slogan

Spreading smiles and good cheer throughout the year

In January, we added Operation Texans Thank Our Troops to the family of good cheer projects. Y’all know we are based in Texas, but there is no way we can leave out our fellow Americans in support the troops projects. How did we fix that? Well, we came up with an additional slogan called “ I thank our troops.”

So, no matter where you are in the world, and in our great country, the United States of America…you are the one who gets it done when it comes to supporting the military. Thank YOU!

Sunshine and Lollipogs Spreading smiles and good cheer throughout the year

Our Smiles and Good Cheer Club is always busy working on projects to cheer someone’s day. Whether it be nursing home, hospice, hospital, or someone we see needing a little extra happy boost, we are always there with a hug, a shoulder to lean on, and good ears to listen when someone just needs to talk.

We have kept our media presence to free versions so we have monies to do the good deeds in our community. This organization is grass roots, hands on, volunteering. We are so blessed to have friends and family help us with our group projects. The next few months we will be all abuzz with spring and Memorial Day projects.

We hope you visit us and follow us on WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Use the word sunandlolli in google search to get you to our media quicker. Facebook has a dedicated page for Operation Texans Thank Our Troops.

Have a delightful day,

Sun and Lolli, (sunandlolli) mom and daughter Team and founders

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