Sun & Lolli Spring Newsletter

Are You Ready To Spread Smiles and Good Cheer?

Hello everyone!

News From Sun and Lolli:

Sun and I are so excited about our newest addition to our smiles and good cheer efforts. We launched Operation Texans Thank Our Troops in January of this year. Not to leave out any patriotic pals, we went a step further from our Texas based program, to encourage everyone across the USA to join our efforts with our national slogan “I Thank Our Troops.”

Our 2020 Challenges with Operation Gratitude are to send them a minimum of 100 thank you projects for all branches of the military. Operation Gratitude will include our notes in the care boxes they ship throughout the year. Sun and I just collected 125 notes of thanks for the month of February! Woohoo.

Additionally, we took the 2020 fundraising challenge to raise funds for shipping 10 care boxes to service men and women through Operation Gratitude. We hope you will visit our fundraising page and donate any amount you can so we can reach our $150 goal. Please visit our Operation Gratitude fundraising page here to learn more and donate right from the page! Thank you🙃🙂🇺🇸🥰🇺🇸
Check out my team fundraising page for Operation Gratitude –

Shining On Social Media

We have been working on our social media presence. Keeping in mind we do not take in costs for operation, it is important we use free services, such as our WordPress account. You can also find us on Pinterest And Twitter (linked to our WordPress page). Just type “sunandlolli” in your search engine and you should see all of our posts from the various social media outlets. If you are on Facebook, we have a page dedicated to Operation Texans Thank Our Troops. Just type “operationtexansthankourtroops” in your search engine for a quick find online. We hope you visit that page and “Like” us and follow our posts on that format for supporting the troops activities.

Spring Calendar Full of Opportunities

Check our social media for ways you can spread smiles and good cheer in your community. Feel free to share an idea with us by posting in our comment section or send us a note through our Contact Page.

St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day….all on the calendar for some annual cheery times. Check out our Pinterest boards for ideas on how you can make something and give to someone in need.

Until next time, we hope we have given you a few ideas for spreading smiles and good cheer in your community. Stay connected with us! Follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.

Spreading smiles and good cheer throughout the year,

Sun and Lolli, Founders

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