Feeling Overwhelmed

Welcome to another day in the life of Evelyn James:

It has been quite the rollercoaster ride here these past few weeks. I wake up every day with a long list of things I plan to do. I purposefully keep a long list of assorted things because that way I can skip ones that I am not in the mood for doing, and add them to another day. I am starting this day slightly off in my mood, so I may need to reconsider decaf coffee, especially while things are in disarray.

I woke up this morning wondering if I was a person with the glass half full or half empty mentality. I can’t decide. So, with a glass half full I am thinking that means I look at things with a more positive approach. Half full means I have plenty to drink in my glass and perhaps that puts my mind at ease and the world is my oyster so to speak. However, if my glass is half empty I don’t know…half empty means my beverage is almost gone…is there more? Do I worry about drinking my half empty glass of something or another and risk not getting anymore? What if I am thirsty? Whereas if I have a glass half full why should I worry …there’s plenty to drink.

I think my glass (aka my mindset) is generally operating half full. I have so much going on that I feel negative but everything will pass and things will get back to normal.

As my mind rambles this morning with many thoughts and too much caffeine, I wonder if you ever ponder on how full or empty your “glass” is…and while I always thought it had to be one or the other I am thinking it could go either way depending on what’s going on in your day, in your life.

I would love to hear if you are a “glass half emty” or “glass half full” kind of person. Share your comments with me or send me your thoughts.

Evelyn James,

Contributing Author Sunshine and Lollipogs, Smiles and Good Cheer

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