Versatile Good Cheer Pouch

Good Cheer Pouch Gift For Any Reason

We have been whipping these up like crazy. They can also be completed and made into our “Blessings Pillow” currently available in light blue tones with a white satin ribbon cross in the middle (pictured below).

Blessings Pillow

We thought we would try something new with the yellow colored creations and stuff them with a note, and a theme for the giving (sweet treats, personal hygiene, stationary, hand cream or other beauty aids, etc.) All great choices, just pick your theme and fill them with goodies then deliver to the community nursing home, neighbor, friend, anyone needing a lift in their day🥰.

Lolli was thinking about using a Mason Jar craft idea from Pinterest called “ A Survival Kit For Life. “ We need to alter the idea for the pouch bag (Original craft idea on our Pinterest site “Smiles And Good Cheer” —or just go to our website and find the Pinterest icon:

Here is how we will alter the original Mason Jar craft to suit our needs for the Good Cheer pouches:

A Pen “to remind you to leave your mark; a Penny, “to remind you -you are valuable; Star Confetti “to remind you to shine;” Pom-Pom’s -“to remind you people are cheering you on; Smarties candy “to remind you that you are smart;” an Eraser “to remind you that it’s ok to make mistakes;” Bubble Gum “to remind you to stick with it;” Balloons “to remind you to reach for the sky;” and Tootsie Rolls “to help you roll into the next adventure.”

Sun and I can’t wait to stuff our yellow crochet pouches with these items and a note with the above information. We will post a pic and show you how they look, even though the original Mason Jar craft found on Pinterest was adorable (it is cheaper to crochet the pouches if you are on a budget).

Thinking of others,

Sun and Lolli

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