Blogger Recognition Award Nomination June 2019

Sunshine and Lollipogs is a name my sister and I created, stemming from memories of growing up. When going around wishing friends and family something happy, we would always say “everything is sunshine and lollipogs.” This always made people laugh, mostly because we were saying lollipogs instead of lollipops. We thought it would make a perfect name for our organization and blog site,

We have been involved with community service projects since 2004. Under different names, we have supported the troops with letters and care packages. We also had a support group for hospice families and hospice care givers after the loss of a loved one in our family. We simply blended them into one community service group, Sunshine and Lollipogs.

We are learning about the world of blogging every day. It is a fascinating way to share your bubbling ideas and stories and blogging never puts limits on your imagination. If you are new to blogging, we think it would be helpful for you to read other blog sites. Select some interests you have such as hobbies, family, health, etc…and blogs categorized with your chosen interests will show up in your feed or email box. From there start building your own style one blog post at a time.

Engage with other bloggers by commenting or liking a blog post (⭐️). It’s a great way for you to get recognized and maybe gain a new follower!

Another tip is to use tags and categories so when you post your blog it goes to a targeted audience and you have a chance to reach those who may be interested in your blog topic.

Thanks again to Crystal Grasso Ward and her amazing blog maybecrazyhelp for nominating Sunshine and Lollipogs for the Blogger Recognition Award.

Spreading Smiles and Good Cheer Throughout The Year,

Sun and Lolli


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