Summer Planning…One Day At A Time

Hello there…enjoying that coffee and bliss of the morning? The time of day where you may be sitting on the couch, in the breakfast room, or lounging in bed thinking of how you will spend your day today.

Are the kids still snoozing away in their warm fluffy beds, with no worries or cares…no school, no books, no tests, no nothing? Their day is a blank slate and it’s perfectly fine. The sun is coming out, bees are buzzing, and birds are chirping with beautiful songs that keep your young ones mesmerized with eyes closed and peaceful sounds of sleep snorts coming from their bedroom(s).

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Do you plan an open day where everyone can do whatever they want, or do you prefer a structured day?

How about swimming? Time to buy swimsuits, sunscreen, and head to the pool, or go buy a backyard pool, sprinkler, Slip-N-Slide, water balloons, etc…

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The movie theatre may be a good option or maybe take everyone shopping for summer clothes. A trip to the local snow cone stand can be just enough brain stimulation for anyone who shows signs of boredom. If you don’t have a snow cone stand nearby, try slushees or icees from gas stores or fast food chains. You can even get creative and make your own frozen ice drinks from home using a blender and some sweetened Kool-Aid.

Don’t forget the local library. Look for summer activities for your child’s age. Puppet shows and Story Time are faves for younger ones, but most libraries offer activities for school aged children from tots to teens.

Checking out books from the library is such a fun way to spend an hour or two in a day. Activities and books to read and check out all under one roof, now that’s proper planning.

Another option would be taking a trip to a discount book store where new or used books are sold.

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There are so many possibilities for daily activities. From stay at home plans, vacation plans, sports, hobbies, clubs…and lounging for a few days “detoxing” from the scheduled agenda of “school days,”

What are some ways you spend the first summer days with the kids after school is over for the year.

Share some ideas with us! Happy Summer.

Sun and Lolli

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