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It’s A Dog’s Life-Funny Holiday Antics

Poor Little Thing

  1. While decking the halls and trimming the tree, Christmas music is playing loudly….Doggie is found in a nice quiet space far away from the Jingle Belling.
  2. Baking sweet treats, oh boy!  Doggie waits faithfully, hoping for a dropped crumb, partial treat, anything sweet.  Promises are spoken with a tail wag that there will be no hyper behavior from sugar overload.
  3. Middle of the night, guess who has a tummy ache?  Right-that lovable hound who forgot digestive issues would likely be in store after eating people food.  Woops!
  4. Acting out, or overlooked?  Someone tinkled, someone made poo…doggie, was that someone YOU?  (Let’s hope so, otherwise we have a real problem)
  5. Awwww, cuddle bug.  Furry friend needs a bunch of hugs today.
  6. Anxiety attack-going shopping again?  Ok, back in my crate I go.
  7. Doorbell rings….friends and family arrive…and the family pet comes barreling out of the quiet room for some much  needed attention.  
  8.  Empty boxes, wrapping paper, bows everywhere-a free for all playground for the over stimulated pooch.
  9. In front of the fireplace, we sit and reflect. Crackling from the fire, snoring from the pet
  10. Off to bed furry family friend…next year we will do this again.


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